How to become a partner in the new project of Deliver?

F or all these years, our company has managed to build a good name and establish itself in the market in the field of assisted shopping and transportation from Germany . In order to expand our business and offer easier access to our services, as well as to optimize and reduce the costs of our customers, we have developed a project for cooperation with enterprising merchants to expand the network and build new delivery points. We are looking for traders with their own business and premises who want to develop.

We offer:

I n recent years in Bulgaria, online shopping is increasingly becoming a major way of shopping from international sites, for this reason, and our transport activity is growing. We offer you to jointly expand your business and revenue by handing over shipments to end customers. With this joint activity you will have a positive effect on your core business.

Advantages for you:

Y ou start a business without financial investment. You will increase the services you offer. You will optimize your costs related to the main business. You will attract new customers thanks to the new service. You will increase your income;

Our requirements are:

T o become a sales representative of "Assist Delivery Ltd." you need: - to be able to work with clients; - to have a shop or office where to receive the shipments; - to provide safe and sufficient space for shipments;

The activity will be related to:

D elivery of consignments, as well as printing and issuance of a document; - providing detailed information about our services; If you want to be part of our team and have a desire for a new business, do not hesitate to send us your completed form. We will look at it in detail, then we will contact you back.


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